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Our Services

Pascal Moto

Try our App available free of charge on Iphone and Android. Get the perfect moto riders network in the palm of your hand. Try us and find out why we are the fastest way to take you places.

No surge pricing or hidden cost of your trip. What you see is what you gonna pay!.

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Speed Governors

PGV300 Multi-functional Speed Limiter Recorder supports speed limit in preset speed, Bluetooth to download data, driver ID identification, Geo fencing, Anti-theft, tracker, Mobile APP/Website Platform for vehicles monitor, fuel monitor, recorder, stopping the vehicles remotely, etc.

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GPS Tracking

Pascal Tracking Fleet Management Systems comes in web-based and desktop software, GPS/GPRS and Satellite, which allows you to track, monitor and manage your fleet and other assets anywhere in the part of the world from anywhere you are in the World!

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Pascal Software

Top-notch custom software application development services

At pascal technology, custom software development is what we do best and what we offer obviously will pull off your next project with less stress and less cost implications.

We are here to help you initiate the concept validate your expectations and identity any potential bottlenecks

We stay on board with you through development and testing so you can find it easy to rollout your cool projects, because that's what makes us a better team

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