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Pascal Tracking

Main Features

Mobile Phone Tracking

Our system boasts an overdose of both features and benefits for all our clients. One of the most beneficiary and handy tool is our Mobile Phone Tracking tool.
This service is available for free to any persons or companies need to track movements of their assets.

Fuel Monitoring

Our system is capable of measuring and reporting the amount of fuel that is consumed by your vehicle. This information is vital to some of our clients who want to know how much fuel has been consumed by the vehicle during a trip or after a certain amount of time. The tracking website is able to provide you with a complete graphical report on fuel and shows the changes whenever a refill or even a leak in the fuel takes place.

Real Time Automated Tracking

You can view and track your vehicle as it moves in real-time. The status of the vehicle is updated on the map at a specified interval and the map window refreshes itself to show you the updated position of the vehicle on the map.

SMS and Email Alerts

Clients can specify the speed limit on their monitored vehicles. Violating this predefined speed would alert the user either by SMS and/or E-Mail.
The same is applicable whenever there is any violation on predefined conditions such as Geo-Fence Exit/Entry, Emergency, Low Fuel, Low/High Power, Route Violation and many more.


The system is incorporated with a Virtual Geographical Fencing (Geo-Fence) feature. Geo-Fence allows users to create predefined area(s) within a region that the vehicle(s) is allowed to go.
Powerful, Flexible and Customizable On-Demand/Scheduled Reports
The system has extensive reporting capabilities. Clients can obtain various reports from the system at any given time of the day. The system can also be customized to automatically send scheduled reports via E-Mail at certain times as instructed by the user.

GPS Tracking